Taylor can’t breathe

Taylor Dillenbeck about to head to class. The College at Brockport.

One night last year Taylor Dillenbeck couldn’t fall asleep, she struggled to get through the day and she couldn’t find peace within herself and that’s when she realized something was terribly wrong. Over 40 percent of American college students have felt depression so much they had difficulty functioning. But how does depression look like and does it come in just one size?

Watch the video below detailing how Taylor explains her depression and how she deals it:

A life dedication

Everyone is passionate about something in their life. It could be things happened in your past that decides your aim in life, it could be wanting to change the world for a better place or it could be a dream about finding the cure for cancer. The opportunities are endless but if you as a single person were to dedicate your life to a cause what would that be? Nine students and employees at the College at Brockport were asked this question. Here are their responses: